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13 KPop Idols Who Get the Most Hate in Korean Pop Industry

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Breaking It DownWho Has Tana Mongeau Dated? July 2, , as they left West Hollywood’s BOA Steakhouse together. Tana explained that she was pretty heartbroken after her TanaCon scandal earlier that year, and.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. No account yet? KPop idols are only humans like Korean Pop fans. They make mistakes, and being in the spotlight is nearly impossible for them to hide when it happens. Sometimes, these KPop idols deserve criticism of what they have done. But in the other time, they have no control over it.

Why K-pop Idols Kang Daniel & TWICE’s Jihyo Are Allowed To Date

K-Pop idols are constantly battling scandals, especially dating ones, as such controversies could make or break their reputations. Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up. Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating lives. Your browser does not support video.

Neither Sohee nor G-Dragon ever responded to their dating scandal, so it remains an unverified speculation to this day. Since , G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been involved in not one, but several dating scandals.

Well, well, Kai has had dating scandals, including with f(X) Krystal and Blackpink Jennie. It might be the reason why some people hate EXO Kai.

Several stars have opened the doors of K-pop to the world, and one renowned female solo act who has singlehandedly done so is BoA. Here are reasons why she rocks:. BoA is one of the few stars in her generation who has achieved commercial success not only in her home country but also abroad. Japan has embraced her as one of the most sought after female soloists, regarded in the same level as their top stars Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, and Namuro Amie.

Dancing while effortlessly singing high notes? BoA can do it all. She was able to carry herself and not crack under pressure, which for a young teenager, must have taken her quite a lot of courage and perseverance to do so. And just when you think she can only be good at both, she keeps everyone surprised as she added a long list of talents to her profile: hosting, acting, and doing comedy in variety shows.

So you could say that my driving force is all of you. Amino Apps. BoA lets her work speak for herself. Since her debut until she came to the age where she is allowed to decide for herself, she never took on a provocative image just to get attention or ride with the latest trends. Not only that, the influx of groups make it hard for anyone to stand out, but with BoA, she just kept on going and trying different fields to expand her talents.

Missing boa constrictor is back home

I wanna know if BoA ever been in love she seems the type to throw herself in work and forget about life and romance like she been more then half of her life in the music industry , I am sure she fell in love at least once. Didn’t she just recently mentioned in an interview that she has never been in a relationship before? She was caught dating a jap guy. The news not spread in korea I think.

Stories Behind K-pop Idols’ Dating Scandal 1. All About Lee Seung Gi & Yoona’s Date 3. Why people in the K-pop Industry willingly congratulated BoA.

Another day, another dating rumour. We break it down. Credits: WonderBangLove. Although they had met each other at a photoshoot back in early , rumours of G-dragon and Japanese model Nana Kotmatsu only surfaced in May that year after his private Instagram was hacked, and photos of Nana and GD hanging out were leaked. Photos: Instiz, Ready Made Is. Mostly based off Instagram activity and social media similarities, the Taeyeon x G-Dragon shipping has to be the most unrealistic of the lot sorry TaeGon shippers!

Another far-fetched rumour that was quickly quelled, the Sulli and G-Dragon pairing started this year after fans spotted the two sporting similar jewellery and riding in first-class seats on the same airline. While Goo Hara quickly denied all rumours, we imagine their next interaction might have been a tad awkward…. Rumours first started circulating when a video of them using the Kwai app was accidentally posted up online — which led to netizens digging through and analysing similar social media posts, showing that GD and Jooyeon were indeed hanging out quite frequently at different locations.

Last but certainly not least, the Daragon ship is definitely the longest sailing one — since to be exact, even before Dara became a trainee at YGE. Which of these ships are your favourite? Share the love in our comment section!

Burlesque Variety Show – VIP Le Scandal Cabaret

Twitter Discord Plug. I don’t have much to contribute but reading all the comments about how Taeyang never pushed the Boyfriend image so there was a positive response to this dating and also marriage and on the opposite spectrum GD did made for interesting discussions. It would be cool if you guys could perhaps forego the more popular groups like bts and Exo. Dating in their case, would be akin to Nuclear cyber apocalypse in any case.

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BTS has successfully completed the Japanese leg of its tour on July 14, To say the least, the year was a tumultuous one. Ups and downs, tears of joy and sorrow dominated the headlines. At the beginning of the year, it seemed like K-pop powerhouse YG Entertainment would have a solid The Burning Sun scandal then snowballed to allegations ranging from prostitution, sexual assault, police corruption, spycam, and drug, among others, involving multiple K-pop artists.

YG is now led by new appointed CEO Hwang Bo-kyung, but industry watchers speculate it will take a while for one of the once powerful K-pop agencies to regain its foothold. But there is some hope. As the year kicked off, BTS continued its global domination, reaching places that no other K-pop group has.

Queen of K-pop BoA is dating actor Joo Won

Subscriber Account active since. While much of the music industry has been in a decline, K-pop continues to thrive. This year, according to estimates, the audience for “Hallyu,” or Korean pop culture, will reach million — or roughly double the population of South Korea. In North America, the industry has exploded in popularity and profitability, and American pop darlings and their labels have taken note: In , Lizzo and Lil Nas X teamed up with K-pop superstars for remixes to their songs “Truth Hurts” and “Old Town Road,” respectively.

Ever in the spotlight, K-pop stars have been subjected to increasing pressure and scrutiny as the industry angles to become dominant on the global stage. The industry and fans alike expect them to have a polished public image.

Yunho and BoA enjoy a sweet date together, talk about their tight bond, and “​She’s a really close friend of mine who will not create (dating) scandal even if we​.

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8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

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Date Modified Tomorrow. Obscurus (Single) Contra Scandal. The Future Is BOA. Karma (Single) Shlump. Zen Bender Spokes. We’re Not Alone ST4RFOX.

Kwon left the group after a post uploaded to SNS alleged he had sexually harassed fans at fan sign events and dated the owners of fansites. Whilst idols dating other idols is still generally considered a scandal, it is not wholly uncommon. On the other hand, idols dating fans is much rarer and is considered more taboo than your usual run-of-the-mill dating scandals. It is also an area where the Korean and Western entertainment industries are more similar than they are different.

There are only a few examples of Western celebrities dating fans: actor Jake T. Austin was revealed to be dating a long-time fan who had publicly expressed her adoration towards the actor on social media. Similarly in K-pop, Seo Taiji and his ex-wife, Lee Ji-ah , met when she attended his concert in Los Angeles; they later married in secret. The concept of an idol dating a fan is probably frowned upon because it can be viewed as an abuse of power and trust. In cases around similar topics, such as student-teacher relationships , there is deemed to be a power imbalance between the two individuals involved in the relationship.

There are likely to be concerns that this imbalance could potentially lead to an exploitative situation, for example the idol using their power to extract certain benefits. This situation could arguably be exacerbated in the case of an idol dating a fansite owner: the idol could, intentionally or unintentionally, have greater influence over how their image is promoted within the fandom and beyond. This could mislead fans and diminish the healthy distance that ought to exist between idols and fans.

5 Idols Who’ve Been Involved In The Most Dating Scandals

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I wanna know if BoA ever been in love she seems the type to throw herself in work and forget about life and romance like she been more then.

BoA has been recognized as one of the most successful and influential Korean entertainers throughout her career, and is therefore commonly credited as the “Queen of K-pop. Born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea, she was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her older brother to a talent search in and was trained for two years. On television, she appeared as a judge on the reality competition show K-pop Star — , as an actress on the television drama Listen to Love , as a host for the second season of Produce , and as a coach for the third season of The Voice of Korea BoA’s multilingual skills she speaks Japanese and English along with native Korean and has recorded songs in Mandarin [7] have contributed to her commercial success throughout East Asia.

With the release of her debut Japanese studio album, Listen to My Heart , BoA became the first Korean pop star to break through in Japan following the fall of barriers that had restricted the import and export of entertainment between the countries since the end of World War II. Though her brother was the one who auditioned as a break-dancer, [3] SM talent scouts instead took notice of BoA and offered her a contract on the same night as the auditions.

BoA underwent two years of training involving vocal, dance, English, and Japanese lessons , and at the age of thirteen released her debut album ID; Peace B in South Korea on August 25, The album was moderately successful; it entered the Top 10 of the South Korean charts and sold around , units. She was forced to quit school to prepare [3] and in early , BoA released her first mini-album , Don’t Start Now ; it sold around 90, units.

Netizens Find More Dating Evidence of JungKook and Sana’s Couple Rumors