Chelsea enjoys a year reputation of being the timepiece of choice for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and enduring quality. Notable owners include presidents, kings, and celebrities. In fact, every U. It seems fitting that its business is time itself: clock-making. Navy sailors and worldwide mariners of the time while they serve on watch. The company became the first to supply the timepieces for Navy ships dating back to the early s, when the federal government began ordering marine clocks.

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Depth: 4 in. Views and Details: Clock. Low Resolution. Medium Resolution. High Resolution. The glance of one who notices would be guided by the metal curves by its neck decorated with an elongated pyramid of floral motif, down to its eglomise-painted base panel.

Reply from Chelsea Watch Co: According to our manufacturing log book, serial number was sold to Ball Watch Company on October

Storied History of Chelsea Clock. Give colleagues, star employees and prized clients the present of a lifetime by surprising them with Chelsea Clock business luxury gifts for men and women. Custom made by skilled artisans and hand-applied by master clockmakers, each insignia medallion is crafted from solid brass, brilliantly colored with hard enamel and polished to a smooth, satin finish. Learn more about the history of our clocks at ChelseaClock.

Learn the history of the tide clock and how to set a tide clock; only on the Chelsea Clock blog. Read our interview with Dr. Ronald Frank, a vintage clock collector with a variety of rare Chelsea Clocks. Chelsea U. Navy Ship Clock – s I actually have the key for this one Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Antique Maritime Clocks. Shop with confidence on eBay! Boston, maximum dia. The Chelsea Clock Company has roots dating back to , and has been making the finest American clocks ever since.

Every President Since Teddy Roosevelt Has Owned One Of These Navy Clocks

We believe that the Light-House Establishment pre and the later Lighthouse Service purchased the majority of their clocks from four manufacturers: E. In this issue, we will take a look at the Chelsea Clock Company. For a much more detailed history you will want to visit his site.

The dial is marked J.E. Caldwell & Company and Ships Bell. The movement, case and wood base are stamped with serial number dating the clock to

You can also remove the clock from the case by removing the three screws. We ask for your understanding during this time as you may experience delivery delays. Serial and model numbers are required for verification. The model numbers are stored within a library of log books, which include not only when the clock was made and who it was sold to, but also holds records of any service work we may have performed on the timepiece.

Macmillan used a number of Chelsea clocks to record the magnetism at the North Pole … Chelsea Clocks of Boston has made ship clocks since the early s. Chelsea Clock will provide this certificate, containing the date the clock was made, the type of clock and the name of the person it was first sold to, for any ship clock ever produced by Chelsea. For more information on obtaining a certificate, please send a description of your clock along with its serial number to certificates chelseaclock.

This unchanged, century old process, is an example of how Chelsea Clock has been able to guarantee consistent quality and service for over years. Make Offer. Serial Number vs. Sale Date. Find the serial number on the back of the case. Check in good light and try looking at an angle as its hard to see.

Time Zone in Chelsea Beach, Maryland, USA

Hicks Antique Clocks. Chester A. Chelsea yacht wheel clocks with 10″ dials are almost impossible to find.

Chelsea Clock’s original WWII era navy engine room deck clock. The original Deck Clock is found on thousands of navy vessels today with history dating back​.

Chelsea clocks and barometers are made of heavy solid brass forgings designed to last for generations. Chelsea uses more brass than any other clock manufacturer in the world. The 6″ Ship’s Bell Clock for example, contains up to seven pounds of solid brass, most of which is the casing, forged not cast from a single chunk of metal to provide maximum protection from rust and corrosion. The high quality and volume of brass also accounts for the inimitable bell tone of the Ship’s Bell Strike.

The shaping process is essentially the same whether a case is going to be used for a Ship’s Bell or for any other clock or barometer model. The rough machined cases are then sent to the buffing room, where they undergo three separate polishing and buffing steps to bring out their mirror like finish. The hand administered buffing technique is a lengthy process requiring tremendous skill and just the right amount of pressure to bring out its full luster, as well as avoid markings or too dull a finish.

Now that the case has been cleaned, it is sent to the lacquering room, where a clear finish is applied by hand to further protect the case against corrosion. With normal care and cleaning, the case’s tarnish resistant and illustrious appearance will last for generations. Dial begins as brass. It is then spun on a potter’s-type wheel, where a special compound is administered by hand to ultimately create a beautifully silvered dial that will last for generations.

The dial’s numerals are deeply etched not painted and lacquered for added durability and appearance. Each dial undergoes rigorous inspection before passing our quality control standards. In addition to the dial and case, there are hundreds of handcrafted parts that go into a Chelsea.


We ask for your understanding during this time as you may experience delivery delays. If you need products for a specific date please call us at prior to purchasing to discuss. Our thoughts remain with you and your families during this unprecedented time. Stay well, and we look forward to getting back to normal shipping times as soon as possible.

The certificate reveals the date the clock was made, who it was first issued to, as well as the name of the clock. Serial and model numbers are required for verification.

Chelsea Constitution Clock in solid brass with a quartz movement, ” dial, “​H x happiness for all time and it can be engraved with their wedding date.

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This solid maple hardwood box is in 2 tiers with a brass piano hinge in the rear. It opens to reveal the padded interior with green felt lining. Lancaster, PA U.

Chelsea Tambour No. 1 Ship’s Bell Mantle Clock. Chelsea Tambour No. 1 Ship’s Bell Mantle Clock Estimate: Auctioneer: Sold Price: Sold Date: Chelsea.

Chelsea Clocks are recognized for their precision and accuracy in time and enduring product quality for years to come. It sounds one bell at the first half-hour after the top of the hour, plus one additional bell with each subsequent half-hour. The “Shipstrike” Clock features:. Mariners have used a unique bell code to tell time at sea for hundreds of years. The code is based on the crew’s typical workday routine while the vessel is under way.

A ship at sea requires constant attention throughout the day’s twenty-four hours. The day is therefore divided into six four-hour periods, each called a “watch. Similarly, the crew is segmented into three divisions. Division members then stand their individually assigned duties on two watches per day, with eight hours off duty between watches. To rotate each division’s watch times, the Evening Watch is periodically divided into two watches.

These are called Dog Watches because they “dog” the watch schedule for all divisions ahead by one watch period. First Watch. Mid-Watch also Black Watch.

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