Over four months, March through June , Albert Einstein produced four papers that revolutionized science. One explained how to measure the size of molecules in a liquid, a second posited how to determine their movement, and a third described how light comes in packets called photons—the foundation of quantum physics and the idea that eventually won him the Nobel Prize. A fourth paper introduced special relativity, leading physicists to reconsider notions of space and time that had sufficed since the dawn of civilization. No wonder has been designated worldwide as a celebration of all things Einstein. International physics organizations have proclaimed this centenary as the World Year of Physics, and thousands of scientific and educational institutions have followed their lead. Images of Einstein have become even more common than usual, discussions of his impact a cultural drumbeat.

Chasing Einstein: The Dark Universe Event

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At speeds even he could barely imagine, Albert Einstein’s private papers energy, E, equals mass times c – the speed of light in a vacuum – squared. At present, only a selection of documents dating from before , when.

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Albert Einstein

The theory of relativity usually encompasses two interrelated theories by Albert Einstein : special relativity and general relativity. General relativity explains the law of gravitation and its relation to other forces of nature. The theory transformed theoretical physics and astronomy during the 20th century, superseding a year-old theory of mechanics created primarily by Isaac Newton.

The logbook of the Physical Review, dating from the s. Five days later (​July 23) it was sent back to Einstein, a date that is confirmed by Tate’s letter to.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity has passed its toughest-ever test with flying colors, a new study reports. General relativity , which the great physicist proposed in , holds that gravity is a consequence of space-time’s inherent flexibility: Massive objects distort the cosmic fabric, creating a sort of well around which other bodies orbit. Like all scientific theories, general relativity makes testable predictions.

One of the most important is the “equivalence principle” — the notion that all objects fall in the same way, no matter how big they are or what they’re made of. Researchers have confirmed the equivalence principle many times on Earth — and, famously, on the moon. In , Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott dropped a feather and a hammer simultaneously; the two hit the gray lunar dirt at the same time.

On Earth, of course, the feather would flutter to the ground much later than the hammer, having been held up by our atmosphere. But it’s tough to know if the equivalence principle applies in all situations — when the objects involved are incredibly dense or massive, for example.

The Year Of Albert Einstein

That was the reaction of physicists around the world last week when they heard that experiments in Switzerland indicate that Einstein’s theory of relativity might be wrong. Since , when Einstein declared that nothing in the universe could travel faster than light, the theory has been the bedrock of modern physics. Indeed, most of our high-tech wizardry depends on it. Of course, crackpots have been denouncing Einstein’s theory of relativity for years.

Like many physicists, I have boxes full of self-published monographs that were mailed to me from people who claim that Einstein was wrong.

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The German-born physicist Albert Einstein developed the first of his groundbreaking theories while working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office in Bern. After making his name with four scientific articles published in , he went on to win worldwide fame for his general theory of relativity and a Nobel Prize in for his explanation of the phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect. He lived and worked in Princeton, New Jersey, for the remainder of his life.

As a child, Einstein became fascinated by music he played the violin , mathematics and science. He dropped out of school in and moved to Switzerland, where he resumed his schooling and later gained admission to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich. In , he renounced his German citizenship, and remained officially stateless before becoming a Swiss citizen in While at Zurich Polytechnic, Einstein fell in love with his fellow student Mileva Maric, but his parents opposed the match and he lacked the money to marry.

The couple had an illegitimate daughter, Lieserl, born in early , of whom little is known. After finding a position as a clerk at the Swiss patent office in Bern, Einstein married Maric in ; they would have two more children, Hans Albert born and Eduard born

Einstein’s Theory of Gravity Passes Toughest Test to Date

The Einstein Museum in Bern is dedicated to the memory of this exceptional genius. Albert Einstein, one of the most influential scientists of our time, has a particular bond with Bern. It is therefore no surprise that Bern honours one of its most famous citizens with a museum dedicated entirely to Albert Einstein. A spectacular glass staircase welcomes our visitors to the adventure of getting to know Albert Einstein.

This led to Einstein’s development of special relativity, which corrects mechanics to handle situations involving all motions and especially those at a speed close.

When the theory of relativity appeared in the early s, it upended centuries of science and gave physicists a new understanding of space and time. Isaac Newton saw space and time as fixed, but in the new picture provided by special relativity and general relativity they were fluid and malleable. Albert Einstein. He published the first part of his theory — special relativity — in the German physics journal Annalen der Physik in and completed his theory of general relativity only after another decade of difficult work.

He presented the latter theory in a series of lectures in Berlin in late and published in the Annalen in Starting from these two postulates, Einstein showed that space and time are intertwined in ways that scientists had never previously realized. Through a series of thought experiments, Einstein demonstrated that the consequences of special relativity are often counterintuitive — even startling. If your rocket speeds up, your mass and that of the rocket will increase.

The faster you go, the heavier things become and the more your rocket will resist your efforts to make it go faster. Einstein showed that nothing that has a mass can ever reach the speed of light. Because the speed of light is such a big number, even a tiny amount of mass is equivalent to — and can be converted into — a very large amount of energy. The basic idea is that instead of being an invisible force that attracts objects to one another, gravity is a curving or warping of space.

Distant galaxy’s ring of light proves Einstein right

The world’s most accurate clock has neatly shown how right Albert Einstein was years ago, when he proposed that time is a relative concept and the higher you live above sea level the faster you should age. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that time and space are not as constant as everyday life would suggest. He suggested that the only true constant, the speed of light, meant that time can run faster or slower depending on how high you are, and how fast you are travelling.

Now scientists have demonstrated the true nature of Einstein’s theory for the first time with an incredibly accurate atomic clock that is able to keep time to within one second in about 3. James Chin-Wen Chou and his colleagues from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, found that when they monitored two such clocks positioned just a foot apart in height above sea level, they found that time really does run more quickly the higher you are — just as Einstein predicted.

We would say our results agree with Einstein’s theory — we weren’t expecting any discrepancies and we didn’t find any,” he explained.

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Could Einstein have been wrong about the true nature of gravity? Does his general theory of relativity and the Standard Model need an update? Unprecedented advances in experimental particle physics, astronomy and cosmology are uncovering mysteries of cosmic consequence. The search for Dark Matter extends from the worlds most powerful particle accelerators to the most sensitive telescopes, to deep under the earth. Nobel worthy discoveries await.

Scientists at UC San Diego are at the epicenter of the search for Dark Matter leading efforts to build the next generation of instruments and experiments to uncover its secrets. Aprile is well known for her work with noble liquid detectors and for her contributions to particle astrophysics in the search for dark matter.

He has spent the past two decades developing sensitive detectors to search for dark matter at deep underground labs in Italy and China.

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