Be the first to write a review. Contact us via eBay. Please contact us with your postcode for our discounted freight rates to these areas. White Marine Pearl — deep shell edition. Featuring a 6. Faithfully appointed with the second generation lug profile, chrome script logo, oval badge and finished in classic White Marine Pearl. At the heart of the drum is Rogers legendary floating snare rail system, which provides extraordinary sensitivity and control that has never been duplicated.

Rogers dynasonic snare drum

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This strainer system pioneered the ability to adjust the horizontal tension of the snare strand independently from the vertical pressure of the snares against the resonant head. Roughly 80 pre-badge dynasonics were produced sometime around which all featured a paper tag on the interior of the drum shell. Shortly after this initial production run, Rogers began stamping serial numbers on an oval dynasonic badge beginning with which is known to be a Blue Sparkle wood shell.

The very first brass shells, which were intertwined with the production of wood dynasonics, were manufactured by the Gretsch Drum Company. These early shells are identified by the lack of “valleys” above and below the 7 line pattern around the center of the shell as seen on later dynasonic shells. This particular drum is stamped which puts it towards the later side of production in The drum currently belongs to former Rogers employee, Jerry Shields.

Jerry was an expert in tuning and setting up these beautiful drums prior to their shipping from the factory. We were fortunate to have Jerry share some words on his days with the Rogers Company. I started drum lessons in the fourth grade.

Rebirth of a Classic American Brand: Rogers Drums Returns

The Rogers drum badge and Rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating Rogers Drums. Rogers Drums are considered the best made drums in the 60’s with the best quality control of any of the drum manufactureres of the time. Rogers fans will strongly support their Swiv-o-matic Hardware. I just spent a couple of hours making some changes to the old Rogers dating guide. Basically what I did was go through every post by Bruce F, Dan C, Rogersholic, etc, where dating questions are answered, and then adapted the answers to the old dating guide

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The drum was launched in in both a wood and metal shell in varying depths, fitted with a unique snare frame often referred to as a snare cradle. The snare frame that held the snare wires evolved through various versions in an attempt to perfect the set up of the wires. The basic premise was to have a drum with floating snares which could be tensioned without putting any pressure on the head.

This would require the shell to have no snare beds, which were believed to reduce volume and tone and create choking. The very first metal Dynasonics were thin Gretsch shells, of which only about were made. There were no beads and seven etched lines in the centre of the shell. Like the wood shell drums, these were soon replaced with Beavertail lugs and the shells resolved to have five lines etched in the middle. These had stained dark interiors with a clear lacquer. Both shell types have reported thickness variations from drum to drum.

The last wood shell Dynasonics were 10 ply maple with no re-rings circa There are varying stories on how the Dynasonic snare drum came into existence. Rogers were certainly looking for a product to bring onto the market to compete with the other American brands. There are claims that it was originally designed for Buddy Rich who was looking for a snare drum that could go from Pianissimo to forte, be extremely resonant, and never choke.

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Champagne sparkle drum wrap

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This patented Dyna-sonic snare rail gives you enhanced snare sensitivity without every choking off the tone of the drum. The metal frame is pre-installed so attaching to the drum is quick and simple, no threading, string knotting, or tiny screws like in other traditional snare systems. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund, store credit, or a one-for-one exchange, on nearly everything in the store.

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1968 Rogers Dynasonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum, 14″ x 5″

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The Rogers Dynasonic snare drum was one of the most innovative drums of its time. While the wood Contact us for up-to-date delivery estimate. Contact us for​.

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Rogers USA Dyna-Sonic Snares

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Rogers Dynasonic Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum, 14″ x 5″. Be the first to rate this product. €. €. * Second-hand goods margin ruling.

Rogers Drums is an American multinational drum manufacturer. It was founded in and originally based in Covington, Ohio. Rogers came to the United States and started crafting drum heads. His son began making drums in the mids at a Farmingdale, New Jersey location. The first Rogers drums were assembled from shells and hardware of other manufacturers, but mounted with Rogers heads. Grossman moved the company to Covington, Ohio, and under his leadership Rogers was propelled to the forefront of American drum making for the next decade and a half.

Design engineer Joe Thompson and marketing guru Ben Strauss were instrumental in Rogers’ success during its golden age from the mids to the late s. The company’s drums were embraced by musicians from the dixieland movement to the classic rockers of the s and s. However, the manufacturer was most closely associated with the ” big band ” and swing drummers of the s and s. Rogers is probably most famous for its “Dyna-Sonic” snare drum, which featured a number of innovations.

In particular was a unique cradle in which the snare wires were supported. This device provided a means by which the longitudinal tension of the snare wires could be adjusted independently of the vertical force holding the snares against the bottom head. As a result, the snares could be tensioned as tightly as the drummer wanted without having to pull the snares against the head so hard they constrained choked the head’s vibration.

5×14 Rogers Dyna-Sonic Snare – Mid ’60’s – The Drum Shop North Shore