Thank you for coming to visit our site! We sincerely believe that one of the best ways to reduce prison recidivism is to help prison inmates find meaningful relationships with people outside their current orbit. Many inmates, too many perhaps, have trouble maintaining relationships with people on the outside and begin to feel isolated and depressed. The stress of being in prison will certainly test any relationship and it can become lonely. By contrast, when an inmate hears his or her name called during mail call or finds a new e-mail message in his or her inbox can brighten not just a day but an entire week. It really makes a difference. Those of us who grew up before the internet may remember having a pen pal from summer camp or a foreign trip and cherish those letters. Now, it is true that the vast majority of people in prison did something bad to get there now is not the time to get into the shortcomings of the prison industrial complex and our judicial system, though we invite you to check out our blog as we start discussions on some of these topics. However, it is possible to acknowledge and forgive bad behavior in the past while looking forward to the possibilities of the future and how to make meaningful changes to start making better decisions. There are just three basic things necessary for meaningful and sustained life changes: The desire to make the change, the ability to forgive past mistakes to make room for better decision making, and support from friends and family as these changes are implemented.

NBA teams to participate in prison basketball games as part of social justice campaign

For the most up-to-date information, please read the latest government guidance about Coronavirus and prisons which includes a list of other ways to get in touch with prisoners while some visits are still suspended. Visit entitlement can vary from prison to prison and also depends on whether a prisoner is being held on remand or has been convicted.

Convicted prisoners are generally allowed visits a month but this can increase as the prisoner progresses through the system. Remanded prisoners are allowed a minimum of 90 minutes visiting per week up to a maximum of seven visits per week. A visitor should not attempt to add, change or remove any of the information on the visiting order. Visits to a prisoner on remand do not require that the visitor is in possession of a visiting order but visits to a convicted prisoner do.

input helped make this document stronger. From the Anita Dutson, Sr. Director, MTC Corrections Programs and Stacy Henry, Director, MTC Corrections Programs, Mark Lee, Di- rector of the offenders and must be designed to match the.

He grew gravely ill while waiting for his court date at the Smith County jail in Tyler, and doctors diagnosed him with kidney disease. Now, after serving more than 3 years of his year prison sentence, Justin suffers from end-stage renal failure. During his time in lockup, Justin has successfully finished a gang-renouncement program, completed substance abuse counseling, and reconnected with his 7-year-old son, who now visits him regularly. Calls for the compassionate release of sick and elderly people incarcerated in Texas have increased since the first coronavirus cases were confirmed behind bars in the state.

Last week, a Texas prisoner and a medical staffer at a prison hospital in Galveston both tested positive for COVID, as did a correctional officer at the Segovia Unit in Edinburg, a substance abuse counselor at the Jester 1 Unit in Richmond, and another prison staffer at the Holliday Unit in Huntsville. Public health experts, defense attorneys, and even some prosecutors have warned that the crowded and unsanitary conditions behind bars make correctional facilities a ticking time bomb.

As a result, authorities across the country have begun releasing inmates to try and prevent the spread. Last week, 14 senators from both parties sent a letter to the Justice Department petitioning for the release of elderly, terminally ill, and low-risk inmates in the federal prison system. While sheriffs in charge of county jails across Texas are flagging low-risk inmates for release and begging local police to stop jailing people for petty charges , state officials have taken no similar action to decarcerate Texas prisons.

Two weeks ago, advocates for incarcerated people sent Governor Greg Abbott a list of recommended steps to lower the state prison population , including releasing more parole-eligible people who are elderly or have chronic illnesses. Not only has Abbott ignored those recommendations, on Sunday he issued a sweeping executive order limiting what local counties can do to reduce their own jail populations. In addition to expediting the release of sick and elderly prisoners who are eligible for parole, advocates for incarcerated people have also asked for the release of people like Arturo Rios, 55, who made parole in October.

Rios, who went to prison for a felony DWI conviction, says he suffers from several serious medical problems—including complications from a previous spinal fracture—that have weakened his immune system and made him susceptible to infections, colds, and flu.

Ronaldinho showcases old Samba magic in a Paraguayan prison

Call to access the Imprisoned Person Locator System 24 hours a day. The system is updated every 24 hours and also includes information on people under probation or parole community supervision. People in prison are forbidden from using social media or cell phones. If you know of a person in prison who is breaking this rule, please report him or her. What is a social networking site?

Match doesn’t cater specifically to single inmates and their admirers, but it More than 3, inmates make up Prison Inmates’ user base, and.

When you’re sent to prison, you’re stripped of basic comforts the rest of us take for granted—things like having many food options or a way to light contraband cigarettes. Necessity is the mother of invention, so those who have been in prison have had to come up with some creative life hacks for when resources are limited. Here are a few of them. They all have a common theme of making things last longer and making do with what you have—principles we champion here at Lifehacker.

Thankfully, we can learn them without having to spend time behind bars. After posting this video , several commenters noted that this trick is something most ex-cons know. Everything costs money in jail or needs to be traded with others, so it pays to know if a battery really works when you can’t just go to the nearest store to buy fresh batteries.

Hence, the prison drop test.

Visiting a Prison

Quick Links. Welcome to Loveaprisoner. According to the U. Bureau of Justice, in more than 2.

Discover what it takes to be a Prison officer. The nature of the role demands the ability to think on your feet, make quick decisions and deal a game-based assessment that checks you have the right natural strengths to become a prison.

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WATCH: Ronaldinho scores six in Paraguayan prison match

According to The Daily Mail , an argument about a dirty tackle in the penalty box led to firearms being drawn and shots being fired. A riot followed, and it took the National Guard and prison officials around three hours to put an end to the violence. Knives were also seized. In addition to guns and knives, the search also uncovered 77 bags of marijuana, a saw, three pairs of scissors, nine phones, phone chargers, two hammers and a bottle of liquor.

Zacatecas state security secretary Ismael Camberos Hernandez told local reporters some victims had suffered gunshot wounds, while others were stabbed or beaten with other foreign objects, the BBC reported. Read the full story at The Daily Mail.

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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Harriet’s House P. Our Children’s Place P. Amy Elliott, Ph. Women at Risk P.

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By Ross Ibbetson For Mailonline. Sixteen inmates have died after a prison riot was sparked by a dirty tackle during a New Year’s Eve soccer clash between two rival cartels in Mexico. Firearms were drawn, including long-barreled weapons, when a dispute erupted over a challenge in the penalty box. The federal forces and the National Guard were mobilized to the prison but it took them more than three hours to stop the bloodbath.

Twenty ambulances arrived at the Cieneguillas jail and many terrified family members paying a festive visit to their relatives were evacuated. Twenty ambulances arrived and many terrified family members paying a festive visit to their relatives were evacuated. Fifteen were reported dead at the scene and one further casualty died in hospital. The medium security prison houses around 1, inmates and had recently undergone a search for contraband and weapons, the authorities said.

The Gulf and Zetas Cartels are two of the most powerful crime syndicates in Mexico and are locked in a bitter feud. The Zetas in fact split from the Gulf Cartel in resulting in a bloody gang war and the end of the Gulf’s dominance. The gangs are involved in international drug smuggling as well as barbaric crimes in their homelands, including assassinations, kidnappings and extortion. Zetas was formed in by a group of Special Forces defectors which served the larger cartel and acted as enforcers for them.

They were hired, predominantly, as bodyguards and assassins and there were 31 of them in total to begin with. Their name translates to ‘The Zs’ and is derived from the code names given to their leaders – all of which start with the letter Z.

Liverpool Prison

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Corrections Victoria collects personal information about prisoners, offenders, Information disclosed by Corrections Victoria is used by the following three agencies for data matching To make a privacy complaint see Making a complaint.

Football in South America is all but shut down as the Covid outbreak spreads across the continent , but one Brazilian star is still making his mark on the game. Ronaldinho, whose last professional game came in for Fluminese, scored five goals this weekend and set up another six. Admittedly he did this from a Paraguayan jail, but such details are trivial during a global crisis.

He and his brother had allegedly used fake Paraguayan passports and IDs , although his lawyer maintains that his client did not know the documents were falsified, as they were given to him by a local sponsor. Ronaldinho is now in a maximum-security prison. Local outlets reported that the year-old had been asked to play by several teams in prison but initially declined because he lacked boots.

Others said he was asked to play under the stipulation that he would not be allowed to score in the tournament, in which the trophy was a 16kg roast pig.

Ronaldinho wipes the floor with inmates in Paraguayan prison football match

This article deals with the question of citizenship among prisoners within a framework that sees them as social actors. First, the difficulties of conceptualizing the notion of citizenship are presented together with an account of the theoretical work underlying the attempt to relate citizenship to prisoners. Thereafter, attention is focused on the plurality as well as the dynamics of these relations. However, the tendency to normalize the status of prisoners is still constrained by the security imperative.

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The majority of offenders are required to undertake unpaid community work as a condition of their order. Alleged offenders on remand are held in custody before and during their trial on criminal charges by order of a court. All prisoners undergo reception and assessment before being placed in a prison unit appropriate to the prison and the prisoner’s needs. Family and friends can keep in touch with prisoners through personal visits to prison.

The quality and standard of health care provided to prisoners is the same as that provided in the community through the public health system. Corrections Victoria provides a wide range of program opportunities for prisoners to assist in their rehabilitation and successful return to the community after release from custody. Detention Orders and Supervision Orders are correctional orders established in accordance with the Serious Offenders Act Many prisoners experience significant challenges in reintegrating back into the community after their release from prison.

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